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For years online casinos have been trying to give visitors the same experience compared to visiting the live casinos. With the latest development a huge step has been taken in to that achievement. The live casino can actually be seen as the last step that brings the online casino closer to the real life experience. Before the introduction of the live casino, online casinos only offered simulations of games from the physical casino. However, the live casino brings the game with the thrill and experience of the real casino. Through many different cameras, baccarat, roulette or blackjack are streamed in high quality. Real dealers perform the actions and make you feel like you`re playing in a physical casino while still at home in your comfy chair.

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How does a live casino work?

One of the first games that could be played in the live casino was live roulette. In this game the player could bet online. Only in this game, the roulette wheel is real and is turned by a dealer who is in an actual casino. Many players are enthusiastic about this concept and this has resulted in an advance live casino game. Now the list of live casino games is optimized to live blackjack, live baccarat & live sic bo.

The experience of a live casino

The games for live casino are often filmed with the latest cameras and from different angles, so you as the gambler have the best overview of the game. Another great feature is that you can chat directly with the dealer of this live casino. The dealers are usually attractive young women in tight but often elegant dresses. They put the chips on the table, deal the cards or handle the ball and wheel for roulette. Usually you can communicate with them in real time through a chat window.

Who can play in live casino sites

Almost everyone can play in live casino sites. The main requirement is that the player is at least 18 years old. Besides being 18 years old, the player also needs to have a valid ID to prove that he is of age. Another requirement is that the player also needs to have a valid email or phone number in order to register at the live casino site. Sometimes the live casino site can require the player to deposit an certain amount of money in order to start playing.

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