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Blackjack is one of the most popular casino table games. In every casino this classic casino game is offered. Nowadays, you also have the opportunity to play the game online in a live casino. Live Blackjack is almost the same as blackjack in a Casino and is led by a dealer. This version of blackjack is also available as mobile game for your phone or tablet.

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How do i play on online blackjack sites

The goal in blackjack is to win the bank. You do not play this game against other players, but against the casino. Value Chips are the play unit, which you can exchange for money at the checkout or at the croupier. In the live blackjack game on online blackjack sites you will get virtual chips. The chips are received by putting money as a deposit. The croupier then gives you the "virtual" chips. If you have the chips, it`s time to start playing. To play blackjack, you can bet with your chips. The cards two to ten amount to the value of the card itself (a 3 is worth 3 points and so on), a bait is 1 or 11 points, and a king, woman or farmer is worth 10 points.

Each player gets two cards, after which the croupier lists the number of points and asks if you want to buy or fit. This may amount to a number of 21 points. The bank starts with one card and the players with two. Only after all players have had their turn will the bank get a second card. The latter plays through a minimum of 17 points. Does the bank have more points? Then they must fit. If the player scored twenty-one points (= blackjack) with his first two cards.

Then he wins one and a half times his bet. If he has less than twenty-one, but less than the bank, he wins once his bet. If the player has as many points as the bank, the game is undecided. If he has more than twenty-one points, then the bank wins. If the bank has more than twenty-one points, all players with a bet on the table win one bet once. Most online blackjack sites use this method to determine the wins of each player. The game itself is the same on all online blackjack sites.

How safe is an online blackjack site?

When you want to play blackjack online, it's important that you choose a blackjack site that is trustworthy. Nothing is as bad as winning at the blackjack table and then remembering that the casino is reluctant to pay off. Each reputable online casino has valid licenses and is regulated to ensure that the games are fair and that they are fair and integral with the customers. Therefore, always check the licenses of an online casino to make sure it's all right and safe to play at that casino.

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